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  • Highest Quality Laboratory Equipment
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Manufacturing in 2012
  • Highest Quality Laboratory Equipment
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Manufacturing in 2012
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Welcome to Aviamax

We are experts in designing and manufacturing the finest quality stainless steel storage systems that are used by laboratories and health care providers worldwide.

Offering what is believed to be the largest range of racking options of any manufacturer. Producing tailor made racking to suit individual needs and requirements, while also supplying standardised racks suitable for all makes of ULT laboratory freezers and LN2 cryogenic freezing systems.

ULT freezer manufacturers such as Revco, New Brunswick (Eppendorf), Panasonic (Sanyo) and Articko are all catered for; we offer a range of racks specifically designed for individual freezer models.

We offer support and advice to you and your staff regarding our products, we customise goods to your needs and we work with you to ensure on-time delivery that helps you to meet your deadlines.

Aviamax provide unbeatable storage systems alongside unbeatable customer service.

Why Aviamax?

  • All of our products are manufactured  to the highest ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Our products are robust and well made - you will not find any sharp edges on our products.
  • We have a comprehensive range of standardised racks available to choose from.
  • We are experts at producing bespoke racking.
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Can't see what you want?

Or perhaps you have a specialised situation which requires a bespoke solution?

Then talk to us. We manufacture products to your specification.

Our bespoke service ensures that you get the features you need made to our usual high standards.

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